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The Lobby Denver Menu

Playful Eats. Serious Drinks.

Playful Eats. Serious Drinks.

What does Playful Eats. Serious Drinks. mean to our Denver restaurant? It means Southern style food with character that is cooked from the heart while having a sense of humor and adventurous appetite. It means crafting great cocktails with fresh, local products that will warm your soul and quench your thirst. It means doing away with white table cloths, putting your elbows on the table, sharing plates amongst your friends and losing yourself in the experience. Our goal isn’t to be just another brunch and burger place in Denver, it’s to be your home away from home!

Of all of the restaurants in Denver you’ve chosen us, and for that we thank you! Whether you’re looking for a brunch time pick-me-up, a place to hang out with friends and watch the game or a convenient dinner spot near your favorite brewery we are here for you to gather, feast and imbibe.